Nsys Connect

The Nsys Connect is a JIRA plugin which is extending the capability of the JIRA to link entities in cloud warehouse for particular issues.

Primary goal of cloud warehouse is to provide an overview about monitored cloud services. The next logical step is to track potential issues. The JIRA is great tool which is not used only for the software development and project management but it has wide area of usage such as a helpdesk system, a user story management system, an online approval system, and a lot more.

The Nsys Connect allows integration JIRA and Nsys Cloud Warehouse. The goal of this plugin is to track possible issues from the cloud warehouse. The data which are tracked in JIRA are entities from the Nsys Platform. The entity can represent an event, alert, node, storage, system resources, and so on. These entities can be assigned to a JIRA issue type.

Good example how to use a JIRA issue to track an event in Nsys Cloud Warehouse is to assign an issue type to entity alert which indicates an important event in the system. When we start to investigate issue in JIRA so we have direct link to the Nsys entity which helps us to better understand what happen.