Nsys Workload Scheduler

Widely distributed open network resources are the norm in today's network environments. These resources make up a complex grouping of networks, servers, desktops and applications each with specific requirements and functions.

The Nsys framework infrastructure represents a distributed network environment where the network nodes are connected and providing the system resources for computation. The automation process in computing tasks distribution is the next logical step in framework evolution. The reason why the Nsys Workload Scheduler has been designed.

Figure 1 - Nsys Workload Scheduler

The Nsys Workload Scheduler is new component for Nsys Framework Infrastructure. The main goal of the scheduler is to provide support for automation process in distribution of tasks across the framework infrastructure. It represents task distribution for system management, distributed computing, monitoring or any another task which can do a specific job.

Figure 2 - Nsys Workload Scheduler Architecture

The Nsys Infrastructure Manager (NSIM) represents an application able to monitor all running tasks in the framework infrastructure, provide base task management (ability to stop, start, cancel, re-run any task). The NSIM is simple application able to do some configuration actions (database/mail/web server management) or able to do a monitoring of network (node is up, down, ..) and/or system activity on a network node. The NSIM is web based application.

Figure 3 - Nsys Infrastructure Manager